Robert Owen
Robert Owen
A senior Robert Owen, circa 1840

Full Name

Robert Owen


May 14, 1771, Montgomeryshire, Mid-Wales


November 17, 1858, Polypotamia

Congressman from Polypotamia


Socialist Nominee for Prime Minister

1820, 1824, 1828, 1832, 1836, 1840, 1844, 1848


Independent, Socialist Party


Caroline Dale




Robert Owen, Miss Williams

Robert Owen (May 14, 1771- November 17, 1858) was an American politician, writer, and the first major leader of the Socialist Party in the URAS.

Originally born in Wales, he immigrated to the URAS in 1801 after a failed venture in factory management. Finding a new home in Polypotamia, he quickly became popular in the community for his ideas on morality and improvement. In 1808, he was elected to Congress as an independent, although a very liberal one (or as he termed himself, "enlightened"). Owen became known as a natural part of the opposition, hitting his high mark in 1817 when he officially joined the Socialist Party. Actually holding a position, he immediately became the head of the fringe Socialist Party in the country. Wanting to improve the conditions of the working class, get out of foreign entanglements, and expand the powers of the government (but not the monarchy), Owen was reelected despite all odds. He would continue to be reelected until he willfully retired from politics in 1850 at 79, after 42 continuous years in office. He was the Socialist Party nominee for Prime Minister a total of eight times, and is universally considered the father of the Socialist movement in North America. During his career he made countless enemies, even King Andrew and King John, and he was known to argue for hours with Hunter DeRensis while they were both Congressmen.