Republic of Tenasee
Tenasee Flag
The "Bonnie Red Flag" of Tenasee, adopted 1793


April 1, 1793

First Leader

President John Sevier (1793-1807)

National Anthem

The Bonnie Red Flag

Government Type

Constitutional Republic

State Religion


National Colors

Red and White

National Animal


National Symbol

Lone Star in Front of a Pine Tree

National Motto

Commerce and Prosperity

The Republic of Tenasee was a constitutional republic in North America. It was formed officially on April 1, 1793 when American General Andrew Jackson carved it out of the Republic of Watauga. General John Sevier was elected as the first President that same year. The president was to be elected to a single term every fourteen years starting in 1793. The legislature, the Tenasee Senate, was elected every decade, starting in 1794; there were no term limits. As a small country, Tenasee placed itself as a banking state and financial haven. It made no entangling alliances, and placed emphasis on trade and commerce. Within a few decades, Tenasee become one of the richest countries on the planet.