The Principality of New Brunswick
Flag of the Principality of New Brunswick
The Flag of New Brunswick, adopted in1808


March 25, 1805

First Leader

Prince Lucien I (1810-1840)

National Anthem

No information

Government Type

Principality, Constitutional Monarchy

State Religion


National Colors

No information

National Animal

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National Symbol

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National Motto

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The Principality of New Brunswick is a principality in the Greater Canadian Region of North America.

New Brunswick and Madawaska were occupied by the URAS in 1805 during the Second Seven Years War. That same year, they were united by Andrew I to form the independent Principality of New Brunswick. Originally it was meant to be an American satallite state with Andrew I as their King, but this idea was extremely unpopular in the new country. For several years it was ruled by the URAS military until 1810, when Lucien Bonaparte (brother of Louisianian President Napoleon Bonaparte) was crowned Lucien I, Prince of New Brunswick. Lucien had lived in the country as a fur trader for several years, and as a self-proclaimed Deist, he was able to satisfy both Catholics and Protestants living there. He was also married to Sophia Arnold, daughter of American General and Great Revolution hero Benedict Arnold.