Louisiana Republic
Flag of Louisiana
Flag of the Federated Republic of Louisiana, adopted on September 29, 1787. Despite his many reforms, President Bonaparte kept the original flag.


February 29, 1787

First Leader

President George Walton (1788-1795)

National Anthem

Patrant por la Louisiane

Government Type

Oligarchic Federal Republic

State Religion

None, Roman Catholicism (Unofficial)

National Colors

Red, White, and Green

National Animal

National Symbol

No information

National Motto

No information

The Lousiana Repblic is a Francophone Republic in North America. In 1787, the Federated Republic of Louisiana declared independence from Spain. A decentralized republic was set up, with the territory of Louisiana divided up into self-governing "states." There was a nationally elected Congress, with a President serving for a single seven year term starting in 1788. Due to the wide expanse of the country, Congressman were elected for 12 year terms also beginning in 1788; each state elected three Congressman. In 1802, General Napoleon Bonaparte was elected President; upon his election, the Second Seven Years War started after as assasination attempt on his life. Later that year, Bonaparte reformed the country entirely; the Federated Republic of Louisiana became simply the Louisiana Republic, and the government was highly centralized; the states still existed, but all power was held in the capital of New Orleans (and there were now no terms for the President). Bonaparte set up an oligarchic republic, where the law ruled, but all the power was held by the Bonaparte family. He remained President until his death in late 1845; he was succeeded by his son, and since 1844 Vice President, Napoleon Bonaparte II.