National Flag and Standard of the Union of Royal American States, adopted in 1805

The Prime Minister of the Union of Royal American States was the head of government (excluding the monarch), and the leader of the executive branch of government in the Parliamentary system that is the URAS.

The Prime Minister was not elected, and the monarch had the duty to select whoever he saw fit to hold the position. The monarch could choose any person he wanted that had announced they were running, giving the possibly to dozens (if not hundreds) of people being chosen, from a variety of parties, some of them from the same party. But in most cases, the monarch listed to popular opinion to prevent unrest, and thus most candidates ran political campaigns to demonstrate their popularity in the country; or, more commonly, allowed their political party backers to do the campaigning for them. Over the years, many campaigns were corrupt, and blackmailed or bribed populations into holding paradies and rallies to make the monarch choose their candidate. Starting in 1836, a basic polling system started to be used to gage where the public stood, although it was common for the polls to be off by several points.

Prime Ministers could serve only two terms of four years each, although they could run again after the next election. The Prime Minister could be dismissed at any time, since they technically served at the pleasure of the monarch; but most monarchs choose to keep their hands off of administration business during their terms in office. When the monarchy came into existence on January 1, 1805, King Andrew I appointed General William Henry Harrison to be interim Prime Minister; he had all acting powers of the Prime Minister, although was not considered official, since the King was still forming his government. This action took place in the middle of the Second Seven Years War, creating an unbalanced base to form a new government, and pushing plans for creating permanent structures back several years. In 1808, William Henry Harrison was officially inducted as the First Prime Minister of the Union of Royal American States, meaning his first term of four years started that year.

Prime Ministers of the Union of Royal American States
# Name Term Party Viceroy State Represented Terms Portrait
1 William Henry Harrison 1808-1816 Crown Party Henry Dearborn, Henry Clay Virginia 2
William Henry Harrison
2 Henry Clay 1816-1824 Crown Party Hunter DeRensis Virginia 2
Henry Clay
3 Hunter DeRensis 1824-1832 Whig Party Harrison Gray Otis, Oliver Hazard Perry Pennsylvania 2
Hunter DeRensis (Inauguration)
4 Oliver Hazard Perry 1832-1836 Crown Party Martin Van Buren Rhode Island 1
Oliver Hazard Perry
5 Lewis Cass 1836-1844 Unionist Party James Barbour, Martin Van Buren North Ontario 2
Lewis Cass
6 James Buchanan 1844-1852 Whig Party Abel P. Upshur Pennsylvania 2
James Buchanan
7 Martin Van Buren 1852-1856 Crown Party Stephen A. Douglas New York 1
Martin Van Buren3
8 Abraham Lincoln 1856-1864 Crown Party Daniel S. Dickinson Illinoisa 2
Abraham Lincoln
9 Hannibal Glas 1864-1869 Whig Party Hamilton Fish New York 1 1/4
10 Hamilton Fish 1869-1876 Whig Party Charles O'Conor, Frederick Theodore Frelinghuysen New York 1 3/4
Hamilton Fish
11 Nathaniel T. McClure 1876-1884 Crown Party Allen G. Thurman Pennsylvania 2
Nathaniel T. McClure
12 James Garfield 1884-1888 Whig Party James G. Blaine Polypotamia 1
James Garfield
13 James G. Blaine 1888-1892 Whig Party John W. Foster Maine 1
James G. Blaine
14 Grover Cleveland 1892-1900 Crown Party Thomas F. Bayard, Melville Fuller New York 2
Grover Cleveland
15 Joseph B. Foraker 1900-1908 Whig Party John Hay, Henry Cabot Lodge Polypotamia 2
Joseph B. Foraker
16 Ambrose Layne 1908-1912 Green Party Henry Cabot Lodge New Jersey 1
17 Mahlon Pitney 1912-1920 Crown Party Eugene Foss New Jersey 2
Mahlon Pitney
18 Ambrose Layne 1920-1922 Green Party Upton Sinclair New Jersey 1/2
19 Upton Sinclair 1922-1928 Green Party Hiram Johnson Maryland 1 1/2
Upton Sinclair
20 James A. Reed 1928-1936 Crown Party Henrik Shipstead Polypotamia 2
James A. Reed
21 Alf Landon 1936-1940 Whig Party Arthur H. Vandenberg Polypotamia 1
Alf Landon
22 William O. Douglas 1940-1944 Green Party Fiorello La Guardia Newfoundland 1
William O. Douglas
23 Thomas E. Dewey 1944-1948 Whig Party Joseph W. Martin Jr. New York 1
Thomas E. Dewey
24 Robert Taft 1948-1953 Crown Party Strom Thurmond Polypotamia 1 1/4
Robert Taft
25 Strom Thurmond 1953-1956 Crown Party Carlos Prio Socarras South Carolina 3/4
Strom Thurmond