Tenasee Flag

Flag of the Republic of Tenasee, adopted 1793

The President of the Republic of Tenasee was the head of government and chief executive of the Republic of Tenasee.

The Republic of Tenasee was formed in 1793, when it was carved out of the Duchy of Watagua under the watch of General Andrew Jackson. A constitutional republic was formed under its first President, John Sevier. The President of Tenasee was elected by popular vote to a single fourteen year term. They shared powers jointly with the duly elected Congress of Tenasee, although they were given strong executive powers. Tenasee quickly became known as a financial haven with strong banking ties. A normally neutral state, Tenasee became rich off of trade and commerce in the usually chaotic continent of North America. A small country, Tenasee never developed functioning political parties, making all politicians "Independents."

Presidents of the Republic of Tenasee
# Name Term
1 John Sevier 1793-1807
2 James Madison 1807-1821
3 William Carroll 1821-1835
4 Samuel Houston 1835-1849
5 Neill S. Brown 1849-1863
6 Christopher Memminger 1863-1877