The Lord Secretary of the Treasury is a cabinet position in the Union of Royal American States. The person in this position manages the finances of the country, and keeps their thumb over the purses of the Governors and Prime Minister. The Secretary approves or disaproves what the Governors can spend, and manages the national spending. The position holds a great amount of respect, since it is one of the only positions in which a person can say no to both Prime Minister and monarch, because of lack of funds. The first Lord Secretary of the Treasury was appointed in 1806 by King Andrew I; like all cabinet positions, although they are appointed by the monarch, they are usually selected beforehand by the Prime Minister.

Lord Secretaries of the Treasury
# Name Term Prime Minister Party State Represented
1 Gunning Bedford Jr. 1806-1812 William Henry Harrison Crown Delaware
2 Alexander Hamilton 1812-1816 Crown New York
3 Richard Rush 1816-1824 Henry Clay Crown Pennsylvania
4 Albert Gallatin 1824-1832 Hunter DeRensis Whig Pennsylvania
5 Andrew Franklin Adams 1832-1836 Oliver Hazard Perry Crown Massachusetts Bay
6 William R. King 1836-1844 Lewis Cass Crown Bahamas
7 Edward Everett 1844-1852 James Buchanan Whig  Massachusetts Bay
8 Robert J. Walker 1852-1856 Martin Van Buren Crown Cuba
9 Simon Cameron 1856-1861 Abraham Lincoln Crown Pennsylvania
10 David Wilmot 1861-1864 Crown Pennsylvania
11 Hunter DeRensis 1864-1868 Hannibal Glas Whig Pennsylvania
12 Edward Atkinson 1868-1872 Hannibal Glas, Hamilton Fish Independent Massachusetts Bay