The Lord Secretary of Education is a cabinet position in the Union of Royal American States. The person in this position manages the national public school system, sets education standards, and acts as an advisor to the Prime Minister and monarch on these subjects. The first Lord Secretary of Education was Noah Webster, appointed by King Andrew I in 1806; like all cabinet positions, although they are appointed by the monarch, they are usually selected beforehand by the Prime Minister.

Lord Secretaries of Education
# Name Term Prime Minister Party State Represented
1 Noah Webster 1806-1824 William Henry Harrison, Henry Clay Crown Connecticut
2 John Jay 1824-1828 Hunter DeRensis Whig New York
3 John Marshall 1828-1832 Whig Virginia
4 Benjamin Franklin Butler 1832-1836 Oliver Hazard Perry Crown New York
5 Theodore Frelinghuysen 1836-1856 Lewis Cass, James Buchanan, Martin Van Buren Whig New Jersey