Kaintuck Flag

Official Flag of the Kingdom of Kaintuck adopted in 1805

The Lord Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Kaintuck is the head of government of Kaintuck, and in charge of running the country. The position was created in 1805, originally as an advisor to King David I, but the position quickly grew into something more respectful. David proved to be a weak leader compared to other monarchs on the continent, and with the near dictatorial Henry Binghamton in office for nearly twenty years, the office of Prime Minister began to outshine the monarchy as the central position of rule. The Lord Prime Minister is actually elected by the people, with the candidate with the most votes winning the election. The terms last for five years each, and there are no limit to how many times a person could be elected. The monarch has no real power, and is strictly a figurehead. Kaintuck is considered a libertarian state, and arguably one of the most free countries on the continent; the government is purposely kept small, and there is minimal interference except to enforce the law and provide just courts of law. There is a single house of Congress, called the Senate, where officials are duly elected by their constituents.
Lord Prime Ministers of Kaintuck
# Name Term Party
1 Archibald Butterworth 1805-1808 Independent
2 Henry Binghamton 1808-1829 Crown
3 George M. Bibb 1829-1830 Crown
4 John J. Crittenden 1830-1845 Whig
5 John Bell 1845-1860 Whig