State of Pennsylvania

Flag of the State of Pennsylvania

The Governor of Pennsylvania is an official usually from that state, appointed by the King to serve their required term in office. The Governor is in charge of collecting taxes, repairing roads, paying officials in the local governments, protecting their borders, enforcing the Royal Bill of Rights within state cases, and serving King and Congress. Although, with Pennsylvania being such a large and powerful state within the country, their Governors are typically given more freedom than in other states.

The first Governor of Pennsylvania under the monarchy was appointed in 1808; before this, the Governors were popularly elected by the people of the state. A governor's term in office is four years, and although there are no term limits, most Governors limit their time in office to two terms.

Governors of Pennsylvania
# Name Term Party Term
1 Simon Snyder 1808-1812 Crown 1
2 Hunter DeRensis 1812-1816 Whig 1
3 Eberhard Rueck 1816-1824 Crown 2
4 John Andrew Shulze 1824-1832 Whig 2
5 William Marks 1832-1840 Whig 2
6 David R. Porter 1840-1852 Whig 3
7 James Pollock 1852-1860 Whig 2