Kingdom of Rio Grande
Flag of Rio Grande
Flag of the Kingdom of Rio Grande adopted on November 16, 1814


May 18, 1814

First Leader

King Bernardo I

National Anthem

Viva Bernardo

Government Type

Absolute Monarchy

State Religion

Roman Catholicism

National Colors

Red, Green, and Blue

National Animal

No information

National Symbol

"Las Estrellas y Barras"

National Motto

No information

The Kingdom of Rio Grande is an absolute monarchy in the Greater Mexican Region of North America. It is a succesor state to the Republic of Rio Grande.

On May 18, 1814, Bernardo Sanjez, President of Rio Grande from 1805-1814, delcared himself King of Rio Grande and established an absolute monarchy, taking inspiration from friend and close ally, Emporer Jorge I of the Glorious Empire of Chihuahua. The Kingdom of the Rio Grande quickly became known as a despotic tyranny, and King Andrew I of the URAS put complete blame on Bernardo I for the problems experienced by the Mexican states during the 1810s and 1820s.