Henry Knox
1806 Portrait by Gilbert Stuart

Full Name

Henry Knox


July 25, 1750, Boston, Massachusetts Bay, British Colonies


December 25, 1809, Boston, Massachusetts Bay, URAS

Years of Service





Sons of Liberty, Fraternity of Freedom, Crown Party


Lucy Flucker




William Knox, Mary Campbell

Henry Knox (1750 - 1809) was a famous American general during the Great Revolution and subsequent conflicts, all the way through to the Second Seven Years' War. Two months after the Second Seven Years' War ended, he was killed when his carriage overturned on an icy street during the Great Boston Christmas Riot of 1809. He had a good friendship witth Generals William McClintock and Harry Lee, and outlived both (McClintock died of a heart attack in 1795 and Lee was killed in the Second Seven Years' during the Battle of Harristown, Massachusetts (May 1, 1807). Knox led the Triumvirate forces into the Virginia Republic, where his good friend James Monroe, the Richmond Deputy of Public Safety, joined forces with him in the October Overthrow of the Virginian secessionist government. Knox supported Andrew Jackson's 4th of November Coup in 1799, and became a leading officer in the Grand Army of the Republic, and then upon Jackson's Coronation at Independence Hall, became a high-ranking general in the Army of the Union of Royal American States. He saw some action during the Second Seven Years' War, but due to growing health problems had to stay for most of the duration of the war in his hometown of Boston, where he met Marcus Dickens, who would later become Lord Mayor of Boston and then Count of Suffolk.