Grand Duchy of Ontario
Flag of Ontario
Flag of the Grand Duchy of Ontario, adopted on July 1st, 1810


October 1, 1809

First Leader

Grand Duke Louis I (1809-1846)

National Anthem

Oh, Ontario

Government Type

Grand Duchy, Constitutional Monarchy

State Religion


National Colors

Yellow, Green, and White

National Animal

No information

National Symbol

No information


No information

The Grand Duchy of Ontario is a Grand Duchy located in the Greater Canadian Region of North America.

Established by the Peace of London on October 1, 1809, the Grand Duchy of Ontario was carved out of former British Canada. Luigi Bonaparte, brother of Louisianian President Napoleon Bonaparte, was given the thrown as Grand Duke Louis I. The Grand Duchy was set up as a constitutional monarchy with a Prime Minister and an elected Congress. Protestantism was set up as the official religion of Ontario, but people were free to practice what they like, since Louis was a firm believer in religious freedom. Conscription was also set up, with every male over 16 required to spend at least a year in the military.