Glorious Empire of Chihuahua
Flag of Chihuahua
Flag of The Glorious Empire of Chihuahua, adopted on November 2, 1812


April 20, 1811

First Leader

Emperor Jorge I (1811-1831)

National Anthem

Por la Patria Glorioso

Government Type

Absolute Monarchy

State Religion

Roman Catholicism

National Colors

Green, White, and Red

National Animal


National Symbol

Eagle of Tenochtitlan

National Motto

Por el Rey, Por el Patria, Por Chihuahua

The Glorious Empire of Chihuahua is an absolute monarchy in the Greater Mexican Region of North America. It is a sucsessor state of Glorious Republic of Chihuahua.

The Chihuahuan Revolution of 1811 brought an end to the Republic. Generalissimo Jorge Gonzalez, Supreme Commander of the Republican Forces, announced the dissoulution of the National Congress and abolition of the office of President. Thus, in a Revolution where not a single drop of blood was spilt, Gonzalez essentially became a de-facto monarch. On June 14,1814, Jorge Gonzalez was officially crowned Emporer Jorge I of the Glorious Empire of Chihuahua. That same day he married Caroline Remer-Bonaparte, thus extending the House of Bonaparte's influence into Mexico. On May 23, 1820 a new Constitution was adopted, allowing Jorge to reign as an absolute monarch. This allowed him to purchase land from Russian Kalifornia and the destitute Confederate States of Mexico.