Free City of St. Louis
Flag of Saint Louis
The "Three Rivers" Flag of the Free City of St. Louis, adopted on December 30, 1805


July 7, 1805

First Leader

Généralissime de Saint-Louis Joseph Boneparte (1805-1844)

National Anthem

Government Type

Absolute Monarchy, City State

State Religion

Roman Catholicism

National Colors

Red, White, and Blue

National Animal


National Symbol

Cardinal Overlapping the Three Rivers

National Motto

The Free City of St. Louis is an absolute monarchy and city state encompassing the former Lousianan City of St. Louis. The nation was esatblished by URAS King Andrew I and Louisianan President Napoleon Bonaparte as a joint American-Lousianan satillite state at the Treaty of Tyzlassipi in 1805. After its founding, St. Louis established itself as the foremost port city on the Mississippi River, and as a center of trade and commerce. It is known as a major trade hub with one of the finest merchant fleets in North America.