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The Equality Party is a political party in the Union of Royal American States. Founded in 1809 by a group of abolitionists, they quickly became known as one of the most radical parties in the country. A fringe party by definition, the Equality Party has little no to national support, and has never come close to having a Prime Minister representing their interests. Many violent acts have been committed against the Equality Party and its members, with most predicting over 200 lynchings and murders of its members from 1810-1820. Violence has died down in recent decades however.

Currently the party's platform stands as in favor of abolishing the monarchy and the immediate abolition of slavery, claiming both institutions as against the New Testament.

History of the Equality PartyEdit


1832-Present DayEdit

Candidates of the Equality PartyEdit

The Equality Party has been holding nominating conventions since 1816, when they nominated their first national ticket.

Equality Nominees
Year For Prime Minister For Viceroy Result
1816 Defeated
1820 Defeated
1824 Defeated
1828 Defeated
1832 Defeated
1836 Defeated
1840 William Lloyd Garrison Defeated
1844 William Lloyd Garrison Thaddeus Stevens Defeated
1848 Henry David Thoreau Salmon P. Chase Defeated
1852 Henry David Thoreau Gerrit Smith Defeated