Eberhard Rueck
Portrait of Rueck as Governor of Pennsylvania

Full Name

Eberhard Ernst Helmuth Rueck


September 9, 1771


September 17, 1839

Governor of Pennsylvania


Congressman from Pennsylvania



Fraternity of Freedom, Crown Party


Margret Williams


Andrew Eberhard, Dolley, John Ludwig


Ludwig Georg Rueck, Karla Kammhuber

Sir Eberhard Rueck (September 9, 1771 - September 17, 1839) was a native of East Prussia, where he made sausage at his father's shop. Eberhard immigrated to the American Republic in 1796 at age 25 and then quickly joined the Republican Army after his own butcher shop in Philadelphia failed. He was a sergeant in a regiment which fought under Andrew I during the 4th of November Coup. Later, he became a cavalry officer in King Andrew I's Royal Legion, the elite of the elite. Rueck was in charge of security and crowd control at the Coronation of January 1st, 1805, and called the day the proudest of his life. He fought in numerous battles of the Second Seven Years' War, but after having one of his legs crippled at the Battle of Mcglohon's Swamp two years later, he was honorably discharged and took up a civilian life. He was knighted in 1810 and became Governor of Pennsylvania in 1816, succeeding future Prime Minister Hunter DeRensis. Interestingly enough, his brother-in-law, Johannes Wiegand, was killed by Americans while fighting under General von Steuben in the Great Revolution.

After being reappointed to a second term, Rueck left the Governorship in 1824. In 1826, he was elected to Congress as a Crown, and served for two terms until 1838; an absolutist Crown to the end, he supported Prime Minister Oliver Hazard Perry during his entire term. Rueck died in 1839 at age 68.