Duchy of Watauga
Flag of Watauga
Flag of the Duchy of Watauga, adopted in 1805


July 9, 1805

First Leader

General-Duke Jerome I (1805-1860)

Prime Minister William Blount (1805-1811)

National Anthem

Glory to Watauga

Government Type

Constitutional Monarchy, Grand Duchy

State Religion


National Colors

White, Red, and Sky Blue

National Animal

National Symbol

Sword of Watauga

The Duchy of Watauga is a Duchy in North America (technically a Grand Duchy), a sucsessor state to the Watuaga Republic. It was founded in 1805 by the Treaty of Tylzasippi by URAS King Andrew I and Louisianian President Napoleon Bonaparte. A constutional monarchy, Watauga established itself as a strict country, especially after the lawlessness that dominated the preceding period. Its first General-Duke, Jerome I, was known for his expensive taste and heavily military spending; during a majority of his reign, Watauga was heavily indebted and economically crippled.