Daniel Webster
Daniel Webster
Congressman Daniel Webster of Massachusetts Bay (1834)

Full Name

Daniel Webster


January 18, 1782, Salisbury, New Hampshire, American Republic


September 4, 1854, Marshfield, Massachusetts Bay, URAS

Congressman from Massachusetts



Libertarian Party


Grace Fletcher, Caroline LeRoy




Ebenezer Webster, Abigail Eastman

Daniel Webster (January 18, 1782- September 4, 1854) was an American politician, renowned lawyer, writer, and a leading member of the Libertarian Party. Webster served as the leading voice of Libertarians throughout the country for decades, and served as a Congressman from Massachusetts for 26 years. He ran for the office of Prime Minister five times in his life. His cousin was Noah Webster, the first Lord Secretary of Education.

When Webster died of natural causes in 1854, his funeral was attended by Libertarians from across the country, and famously by former Prime Minister Hunter DeRensis, who had been a personal friend and had just arrived from the war front as the Great War was dying down. DeRensis actually gave a eulogy, which recieved a standing ovation and was called "the greatest spectacle of liberty and freedom witnessed in decades." The most famous line of the eulogy, one that has been invoked by countless souls since then, was, "I surpassed Mr. Webster in age, and in nothing else."