Welsh King

Signing The Peace Papers.

Dafydd ap Hywel (????-????) was a Welsh Officer, King & abolitionist .

He was born in Abergwyngregyn the town were Dafydd ap Gruffudd was captured ending a Wales free from english rule.

A lot of his history early history remains unknown. It is known that he was a wealthly man who owned land used for farming. It is also Known he Served in the pre-Commonwealth army as an Officer before returning to Wales.

Like many he was content to live under the Rule of England however when the Commomwealth took over his fate was changed. He like many others became more hostile after the Cardiff Laws, however what really spurred him againest the commonwealth was the killing of his brother Rhys ap Hywel and the treatment of slaves in the commonwealth.

Wales was Quoted in Speeches as "the scum of the Commonwealth" following his example Wales soon had a reputation as the "The Sick Man Of Britain" and The Welsh Question arose.

Wellesley of course had the answer.

He waited for something to happen , then in _____ 18?? the now infamous Cardiff Protests begun. Calling for more support for the welsh people from london. Wellingtion sent in the troops and the Massacre of Cromwell Square begun. Due to this heavy handed action the Riots of Cardiff begun.

"It was terrible, as bad as any battle... no worse. In a battle you stand a chance of winning."

Dafydd ap Hywel Future King of Wales and Present at the Cardiff Riots.

The total Loss of life is belive to be 621 wounded and killed. 13 were british riflemen and milita. 200 more were hung due to being suspected of taking part. After this Wellesley ordered the Cardiff Laws.

The Cardiff Laws were thus

  1. Any man, women or child caught speaking welsh will be Bourght before a court of Law.
  2. All welsh men, women or children are to be treated as landess peasents, Higher only then slaves.
  3. No welsh man, women or child is allowed the benifet of education as it is beyond them.
  4. All land is to be taken by the state.
  5. Any more wealthly people will have there belongings seized.
  6. Any talk of Revolt means death.
  7. All welsh men of fit age to work in the Mines, Fields or special "welsh regiments" in the commonwealth Armed forces. Mines at age 7. Fields at age 8. Army at age 16.
  8. '

    The Great Dictator

    These Armed forces have the Honour of being First into Battle.

Glória, et Victoria pro Commonwealth.

Striped of Land & Belongings he was forced into the 3rd Welsh Conscripts on pain of death. Known more commonly as Wellesley's Death Squads they were used a a human shield too soften the blow to his regular's Troops. They were poorly equipped and often served as bait in Wellesleys battles. They recieved no training , had poor morale and of course a huge death toll. .

The Welsh War Of IndependenceEdit


Dafydd's Flag

Thought the welsh population had ample cause for rebellion, until WW1 broke out they did not have the strength to oppose the Cromwellian Power until ww1 broke out. With this they found allies, some with more questonable motives then others. Among the Benefactor's were: Queen Gwendolyn Of Canada & Hunter DeRensis. Many took pity on Wales and soon mass collections wnet out for the rebels in many civilised countries.