Crown Party
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King Andrew I founded the Crown Party in 1805 to serve the interests of the monarchy, and for the first 35 years of the URAS' history, the Crown nominees were specifically chosen by the King himself.



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Conservatism, Statism, Constitutionalism, Free Trade, Expansionism




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The Crown Party is one of the two major political parties in the Union of Royal American States, along with the Whig Party. Founded in 1805 by King Andrew I and some of his political advisors, the Crown Party dominated the country's political system for most of its early years. The personal party of the monarchy for a large part of its existence, after several national defeats it is now considered on par with the previously opposition Whig Party. Four Prime Ministers have been members of the Crown Party, including the current one, Martin Van Buren. An exception is Lewis Cass, who also became Prime Minister with support by half of the Crowns, although he was technically a member of the Unionist Party.

Currently the party's platform reflects an interest in free trade, a powerful monarch within constitutional limits, and an expantionist foreign policy.

History of the Crown PartyEdit




1843-Present DayEdit

Candidates of the Crown PartyEdit

The Crown Party has put up tickets for national offices since 1808. For most of its history its national candidates were personally selected by the King and some advisors, although in 1844 the Crowns held their first actual nominating convention.

Crown Nominees
Year For Prime Minister For Viceroy Result
1808 William Henry Harrison Henry Dearborn Victorious
1812 William Henry Harrison Henry Clay Victorious
1816 Henry Clay George Rogers Clark Victorious
1820 Henry Clay Hunter DeRensis Victorious
1824 Charles Stewart Andrew Franklin Adams Defeated
1828 Hugh Lawson White Oliver Hazard Perry Defeated
1832 Oliver Hazard Perry Martin Van Buren Victorious
1836 Oliver Hazard Perry William Trousdale Defeated
Endorsement of Unionist Party Nominees Victorious
1840 Andrew Franklin Adams Richard Mentor Johnson Defeated
Endorsement of Unionist Party Nominees Victorious
1844 William R. King John Fairfield Defeated
1848 Stephen A. Douglas Martin Van Buren Defeated
1852 Martin Van Buren Stephen A. Douglas Victorious