Confederate States of Mexico
Flag of CSM
Flag of the Confederate States of Mexico


September 12, 1797

First Leader

President of the Confederation Joseph Barton (1797-1808)

National Anthem

Himno Nacional

Government Type

Presidential Republican Dictatorship (1797-1831)

Decentralized Coalition of States (1831-)

State Religion

Roman Catholicism, Russian Orthadoxy

National Colors

Yellow, Blue, Red, and White

National Animal

No information

National Symbol

No information

National Motto

Independencia, Union y Religion

The Confederate States of Mexico is a federated republic in the Greater Mexican Area of North America. It established itself in 1797 when it declared independence from Spain around the same time as the other Mexican states. It became a republican dictatorship under Joseph Barton, a half hispanic American traitor. In the 1810s and 1820s, the Confederate States of Mexico came under heavy Russian influence. Continuing under a semi-republican dictatorship, it soon became embroiled in the First Mexican war (1816) which ended in a draw and the Second Mexican War (1819-1820) which saw the defeat of the Confederate States. 

In the late 1820s, after President Augustin de Iturbide attempted to crown himself emperor, the Confederate States saw mass uprisings in what became known as the Confederate Civil War (1829-1831). The war ended with Iturbide's execution as a traitor, and the election of liberal Valentin Gomez Farias. The civil war and the successive years became known as "The Restoration," as the country evolved into a decentralized coalition of states with open democratic processes and laws guaranteeing freedom of press and religion. The President was now popularly elected every four years, and the states still retained strong domestic powers.