Bledar Kostandin Baris
Colonel Baris, circa 1840

Full Name

Bledar Dardan Kostandin Baris


August 3, 1797, Tirana, Albania


April 19, 1851, Kennesaw Mountain, Republic of Georgia

Bledar Dardan Kostandin Baris (August 3, 1797 - April 19, 1851) 'was an Albanian military officer and writer. He was born into wealth to Dardan and Flutura Baris, of the local noble house of Baris. His nobility allowed him to gain a comfortable colonel's position in the Holy Roman (later Austrian) Imperial Army.

When the Great South American War broke out in 1844, the Austrian Imperial Army sent him abroad as an oberver. He was attached to the headquarters unit of the Union Expeditionary Force in combat against Brazilian forces, and struck up a friendship with the unit's commander, the famous General Hannibal Glas.

After the war was over in 1845, Baris traveled to the URAS as the aide-de-camp to General Glas. During the brief peace between 1845 and 1849, he published an account of the war in Peru, dubbing it Lufta Jonë, or Our Struggle. The book was also known as Memoirs of Peru, and it became the most-trusted document written on the involvement of Glas in the Peruvian War.

Baris was killed in 1851 during the Great War while leading one of Glas's regiments at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.