Alexander Hamilton II
Alexander II
1809 Portrait of Hamilton, age 27

Full Name

Alexander Hamilton II


January 22, 1782


June 2, 1810, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, URAS

Congressman from New York


Years of Service (URAS)



Crown Party


Prudence Gibbs




Alexander Hamilton I, Elizabeth Schuyler

Alexander Hamilton II (January 22, 1782- June 2, 1810) was an American politician and the son of Alexander Hamilton I. Alexander II was a militia member as a youth during the Chancellorship, and was appointed captain in the American Army from the time of Andrew I's coronation (1805) until 1808, when he entered the political ring himself, as a member of the House of Congress representing his state of New York.

On May 31, 1810, while walking to a dinner party, Alexander was stabbed in the chest on the streets of Philadelphia. The killer fled the scene, and was never apprehended. Alexander was quickly found, and taken to the city's hospital. He died two days later on June 2 at the age of 28. The reasons for his death remain unknown; whether he was being mugged, or was specifically assassinated is circumstance. But his father remained convinced that his son's death lay at the feat of his political enemies.